How to Export/Import Examview for Moodle Use

ExamView 4(5&6) supported an XML export format that Moodle can import. If you are using a newer version of ExamView, you should
1. Export from Examview using Blackboard
2. Extract the zip archive that ExamView creates
3. Import in Moodle using Blackboard format (do not use 6+ format for moodle import, even though exam view calls this a Blackboard6+ file--it isn't).
4. Choose one of the ".dat" files from the ExamView archive to import.

*Note images are not currently imported.
Any questions that included images must be edited to "re-link" those images. The image files can be found in the file folder that is in your item test bank directory of your course files. Click the edit tool next to a question in the question list. If one or more images files are included in the question, you should see a placeholder with the image file name in it embedded with text in the text edit window. Click on the placeholder and then click on the insert image tool of the text editor. Navigate to the folder containing the image files. (It will be in the folder you uploaded the zipped question bank to). Find the file with the same name as indicated in the image placeholder. Type the alternate text then click "okay" to re-link the image. Click on "okay" to return to the question list.

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